Keith and Val Salt 'thanks for seeing us through difficulties'

Dear Cameron,

On looking up your email address, I can see it has been a long time since we were in touch! As you may be aware we did in fact eventually go ahead with two property deals in Antalya; but a lot has happened in those two years.

We are now writing to you to make you aware of the support and guidance we have received from your office in Antalya. In 2011, we purchased two off-plan apartments from two different development companies. The first apartment went through according to the schedule and finished on time and the second, well it became a different story…

Unfortunately in the case of the second one, the development company went bust and we were left in a difficult situation. Zekiye, your representative in the Property Turkey office in Konyaalti, has spent a considerable amount of time in protecting our interests in the development. Lawyers had become involved for some of the other interested parties and we found ourselves, along with other owners, in a precarious position. With her extensive knowledge and experience within the property development market, she was able to steer a safe path through this ordeal, which has been in a delicate position for the last 12 months or more. This was no easy matter, as we discovered with several potential pitfalls on the way.

We feel that in the same situation, many representatives would have ignored the problem and left us to find our own solution; probably resulting in no solution and loss of money. I am based in Vietnam and went to meetings when it was possible during my visits to Turkey. It was left to my wife in the final meetings over the last few weeks and she feels the support from Zekiye and the other office staff in Antalya went beyond the call of duty.

So we are hoping that what was a stalled building project is on the move again. Now that it has the collective backing of all the interested parties and construction will recommence; with our property rights secured through the issuing of each owners TAPU.

Far from putting us off, we will certainly consider using your Antalya office and Zekiye for further property deals – that is after we have a final resolution to this particular case! Hopefully the construction will now be completed by end of this year, or early next.

In addition, we would certainly recommend Property Turkey to friends etc. if anyone is interested in purchasing property in the Antalya region.

Please convey our grateful thanks to Zekiye for getting us this far; without her it would be unlikely we could have achieved a salvageable position.

Best regards

Keith and Val Salt


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