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Written by Lesley Pitblado.  

Back in October 2014 I made the decision to buy an apartment in Yalikavak, Turkey. I was drawn to the Property Turkey website as it was professional, informative and carried a good range of property choices.

March 2015 and my week in Yalikavak began with Darren taking me and my friends (who live in Bodrum) to view several properties that I had short-listed. Some had been sold and others I was advised against viewing as they did not have a habitation certificate. This really reassured me that I was dealing with a professional company. My initial visits were informative and at no time did I feel pressured to make a decision or pushed towards making a purchase. This too added to my confidence with Darren and his team. All questions were answered truthfully and up front. Darren has a nice manner and approach.

Sea view apartmentDay two, I cancelled another company I had arranged viewing with! No point as I had made my decision. I was extremely happy with my experiences and knew I had made the correct decision. 

Day three, revisiting the two apartments really liked. Today I met Guzide, who accompanied Darren and I and offered good advice. I made up my mind, going with the apartment that had won me over on day one! My friends were happy with my choice of company as they knew of Darren, Trust was there! They had accompanied me initially, in case I was dealing with unregistered companies or pushy sales people. 

Day four, Guzide took me to Bodrum to get my Tax number, open my bank account and meet my lawyer to draw up the contract and get Power of Attorney for the sale. Mehmet Sinop, my lawyer, is an efficient and helpful man. All communication in English and good English at that! Military clearance completed, contract signed and deposit paid. Everything was completed with ease and within a morning! Try that back home! Guzide is a star! Picking me up, accompanying me everywhere, helping me get online banking and my bank card and waiting with me till I met my friend.

Day five and six was spent with my friends and a few phone calls to agree move in dates etc.

Day seven, met up with Darren and Guzide for a coffee and a chat to summarise the deal and arrange my return to get the keys. Two weeks time, so excited.

SECOND TRIP: Returned to Yalikavak (with husband this time!) to complete the sale.

Sea view homeDay one, met Guzide and Deniz, also from property Turkey, in Bodrum for coffee before heading to the lawyer’s to conclude the sale. Met up with Marie and Colin, the sellers, and headed to the bank to arrange the payment cheque. Mehmet joined us and the deal was done. Next stop to the Deed office to change our names on the TAPU (title deeds). Again, all arranged so well that the process was completed without a hitch!

Keys handed over, deal done!

Early evening my husband and I walked up to the apartment but couldn’t open the door, we tried and tried. I phoned Darren and he got Deniz to come and try, eventually they contacted the previous owner who came to the rescue. Over and beyond the call of duty! It was easy once you knew how!

Communal poolDay two and three, we moved in and visited many shops, much to the joy (not) of my husband! Good recommendations from Deniz and Guzide about where to shop.

Day four, Deniz took me to the electric company to change over account into my name. She picked me up and took me to Bodrum and hit it on the busiest day! Whilst we were in the queue it closed for lunch so Deniz took me shopping for more things. Back after lunch and the deed was done! Deniz got in touch with my bank to set up the direct debit. Wonderful and done without complaint!

All done! I have a wonderful apartment with the most fantastic view.

To summarise: I can’t thank Darren, Guzide and Deniz enough, they are a wonderful team, who really put the needs of their customer first. Nothing is of any bother and everything is done with genuine passion for a job they all do extremely well. Communication is brilliant and by the end of my experience I felt I had made new friends!

I would recommend them without hesitation. It’s easy with the right people helping.


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