Christopher and Jennie's garden villa in Fethiye

As part of our plans for early retirement, we looked at several overseas markets including Spain and Portugal.  We attended seminars and did a lot of online searching. Spain and Portugal were our favourites and we simply could not decide where to proceed.

In September 2011 we attended a property exhibition in London, where we quite coincidentally met Property Turkey as we were looking for the Spanish section.  We had been to Istanbul and loved the Bosporus and of course the shopping scene at the Grand Bazaar, frankly though, we had never considered purchasing a home in Turkey.  It just never had crossed our minds.

During our brief meeting with Tolga and John of Property Turkey at the exhibition a little window was opened in our minds with regards possibility of buying a home and moving to Turkey. Moving abroad is certainly not an easy thing to do and we had to choose the right country that would cater for all our needs.  We were familiar with Spain and Portugal but not so with Turkey. In the proceeding weeks and months, Tolga and John engaged us patiently and consistently.  We were much impressed with their approach. As all other agents tried to get us on the plane for their inspection trips, Property Turkey consultants focused on providing us information and guidance to do with Turkey. How to move to Turkey, language, weather, residency permits, visas, health service, schools, you name it, they almost anticipated our questions and reservations.

To cut a long story short, in September 2013 we decided to pay a visit to Fethiye Turkey, which we were advised would be the most suitable region for our criteria. So we are now 2 years from the first meeting, most agents would have given up by then but Property Turkey were as professional and supportive as the first day we met them at the exhibition in London. On arrival we were met by Omer and Sahra, who remained as our consultants in Turkey for the full duration of our discovery trip, again organised by Property Turkey.  Their approach was definitely fresh - we had been on several inspection trips in Portugal and Spain - they focused on lifestyle as much if not more than property.  They showed us where to eat, how to deal with government offices, main attractions, good areas, not so great areas, where you find the best lobsters and where not to drink for prices are inflated. We certainly understand why their slogan is 'lifestyle and investment' they certainly live up to that. 

We have now reserved and are in the process of buying a beautiful garden villa in Ovacik district of Fethiye. Our only regret is that we took so long to discover this beautiful and accommodating country. We can full heartily recommend Property Turkey as a solid company that will properly understand your requirements and address them in the best possible way.  As for Turkey, it's the jewel in the crown - unrivalled landscape, stunning scenery and beautiful people. 


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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