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Property for sale in Sile, Istanbul

Real estate in Sile is on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, a 90 minutes drive from central Istanbul for day trips and weekends. Sile property for sale is popular with families wishing to live outside the city centre, and Istanbul workers wanting second homes on the seaside. Sile villas for sale are some of the most private and substantial homes on the coast. Investment in Sile apartments is on the rise as investors seek to capitalise on the expanding city and its growing prices.

Sile is a seaside town on the Black Sea of Turkey and has a history that stretches all the way back to 700BC. Sile is a fishing village and a popular beach resort for those seeking weekend trips out of the centre of Istanbul. Full of charm and privacy, properties for sale in Sile are often large Sile villas with expansive gardens and private swimming pools.

Why buy property in Sile?

Sile properties are some of the most magnificent homes that you can find within short travelling times to Istanbul. The ideal escape from the hustle and bustle, Sile offers a tremendous mount of greenery, sandy beaches, and things to do. There are beachfront villas available in Sile for those seeking views and exclusivity. 

When in Sile, there are numerous places and small towns to visit, including: Lovers Road, Yesilcay and Goksu Rivers, Kerpe, Carpet Bay, Hidden Lake in Agva, Kadirga Bay, and so much more. Historical and natural areas worth visiting are: Sarikavak Castle, Ocakli Castle, 11 Lakes Valley, and Aglayankaya – there is an abundance of things to do in and around Sile. 

Sile is known for Sile cloth, a light see-through cotton fabric locally made and sold in many shops around the town and even sent to the famous Bazaars of Istanbul. Every summer there is a fair to promote the cloth. The largest campus of Isik University is also situated in Sile.

How close is Sile to Istanbul?

Sile rests on the Black Sea (Karadeniz) coast of Turkey. From Sile to Istanbul takes around 90 minutes using a car. Sile has long been a popular weekend getaway and retreat for residents of Istanbul and neighbouring cities – with that being said, Sile homes for sale are sought after as investments due to the rental possibility of Sile villas. For more information about Sile real estate, please call or contact us. 

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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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