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Property for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Real estate in Beyoglu on the city’s European side is some of the most exclusive in Istanbul. Beyoglu property consist of luxurious property in the centre of the city, including homes in Taksim, Tunel and Cihangir. Contact us to find out more about resale and new build luxury properties in Beyoglu for sale.

As an esteemed area of Istanbul, property for sale in Beyoglu stands in a market of its own. Its prestigious reputation as former home to many countries’ embassies put it on the map for hundreds of years, and these days, owning an apartment in Beyoglu brings with it, a sense of nostalgia but also easy access to the best shopping, eating and entertainments scenes in Istanbul. Evoking a different definition of the term urban living, it is not for anyone looking for a villa with gardens. All properties on the market are apartments, hotels, or commercial residences. Still, as the heart and soul of new Istanbul, buyers will be surprised when viewing potential homes. 

Why Property for Sale in Beyoglu Dominates the Market

As mentioned before, once you step outside your front door, you have instant access to shops, banks, restaurants, bars, art galleries and much more. Such is the diversity and range of establishments; there isn’t a need to go anywhere else. Should you want to get active though, Beyoglu’s impressive transport network will take you wherever you want to go. Despite Beyoglu’s modern outlook, culture and heritage still shine through in many surrounding landmarks reflecting Istanbul’s diversity. Historical monuments are also in abundances such as the Church of Antony Padua, French Street, Flower Passage and the all-important Galata Tower. Istiklal Avenue, often portrayed by the red tram running down the middle, is also a hub of art nouveau and Gothic style architecture. 

Style of Apartments for Sale in Beyoglu

The property market of Beyoglu separates into two architectural styles. Modern housing with clean-cut architecture often features the latest home décor and design, and cons like air conditioning. Don’t write off older apartments though, as to own one of these is to get the best of both worlds. Most renovated apartments include modern features but also original design like tall ceilings, large living spaces, and Ottoman-style panelling. 

Where to Buy an Apartment in Beyoglu

Cihangir: With a population of 4000 people, property in Cihangir’s reputation for artisans spreads wide and far. Turkey’s most celebrated male Author Orhan Pamuk lived in this neighbourhood. Sitting between Taksim and the Kabatas areas, think street cafes, cosmopolitan ambience and a multicultural population comprising many expats from countries around the world. Home to the famous 16th Cihangir mosque, its name means conqueror in Turkish but residents enjoy a peaceful, refined atmosphere.

Galata: Sitting on the shores of the Golden Horn, to own property in Galata is to tap into a vibrant district of Istanbul. Landmark buildings including the famous bridge and 14th-century Genoese tower of the same name. Throughout history, the area was also a Jewish stronghold, and even today, synagogues still run regular services. Another famous landmark is the Camando steps, displaying Neo-Baroque and art nouveau architecture. Despite its central location and close distance to the busy Golden Horn, homeowners enjoy quaint street side cafes, wine boutiques and a calm atmosphere in amid Turkey’s most bustling city.

Taksim and Istiklal Avenue: As the heart of modern Istanbul, Taksim includes the famous Independence Square and 2.5-kilometre Istiklal Avenue, Turkey’s busiest street. During any one day, thousands of people pass through Taksim and given the high level of traffic; most Turkish and international brand names aim to set up shop there. The other famous landmark, the Ataturk cultural centre is undergoing renovation, but when complete, the cultural centre, sitting at the top of Istiklal, will be Turkey’s most prominent opera house. Given its high profile for business but more so tourism, anyone looking at buy-to-let incomes would do well to consider this area.

How To Buy Real Estate in Beyoglu

The first step to owning in Istanbul is to look at our listings. Each includes photos, location details, information about the home, contact numbers and an enquiry form to find out more including payment plans and the process for purchasing. If you are already in Istanbul, you can also call us to arrange a time and date to view homes and neighbourhoods that suit your budget and lifestyle. As an experienced agent with offices all over the country, we have helped thousands of buyers become homeowners in Turkey. 

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