Istanbul University Medical Faculty new campus to open in 2024

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The initial phase of construction for the new campus of the Istanbul University Medical Faculty is predicted to be completed by 2024, according to the faculty dean who gave an interview recently. This new campus is planned to be one of the most significant bases for healthcare in Turkey once completed.

Hasdal Campus – future new home

While discussing the ongoing studies and works that are being done on the campus – now known as the Hasdal Campus, the dean of the new Medical Faculty, Professor Dr. Tufan Tukek spoke to explain that the opening of the new units, which have been constructed on the well-known Capa Campus are scheduled to be opened in June. In comparison, the first stage of the work being completed on the new campus is due to be finished the following year.

He went on to explain that: “It is a huge project with 1,600 beds. We will have completed the first phase in the next year and we plan to start serving one portion of the Capa Campus. In addition, nearly 800 seismic isolators have been installed.”

Healing and education under one roof

As per reports that have been released, the building complex will become a place of education and healing once it is opened and put into service. Further to this, the large complex is situated near the metro station, which will serve both students and citizens with flexibility in transportation.

Seismic isolators and earthquakes

An interesting note is that the building is being fitted with many seismic isolators to help protect the buildings from earthquakes. Tukek explained that the new area that the campus is being constructed on and where the medical faculty will be situated, was decided upon after a moderate earthquake struck Istanbul four years ago in 2019.

He explained that: “A rapid action plan was implemented, especially with the support of our president, and a place in Hasdal, which was once used by the military, was reserved for the construction of the Istanbul University's Medical Faculty campus.”

Further expanding on the project, Tukek noted that: “We are focusing on the details of the project, which is planned as a three-phase or even four-phase project if needed.”

Training doctors of the future

Tukek further added that: “After these stages are completed, a large campus area of Istanbul Medical Faculty will be built here. Student areas, classrooms and education units will be built later.”

Tukek concluded: “Istanbul University is a world brand and we will do our best to keep it as a world brand and to rise even more.”


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