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Straight Talk

Turkey Real Estate Revolution: Funding Turkey's Vision

Introducing Funding Turkey, a transformative addition to Property Turkey's ecosystem. Explore the advantages of real estate investment funds, such as diversification, liquidity, and management.

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Straight Talk , Testimonials

How to be a Turkish Citizen with Property Turkey

A client shares his journey of becoming a Turkish citizen through property investment. He highlights the appeal of Istanbul as a city and the comprehensive services provided by Property Turkey.

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Straight Talk , Economy

Stable Lira, Low Inflation; The New Economic Model

This episode talks Turkey's economic model, orthodox versus unorthodox policies, and the impact on inflation and growth, highlighting positive indicators like increased employment and service exports.

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Straight Talk

Erdogan’s New Term; What’s Ahead for Turkey?

In this episode we talk about Turkey's electoral success in 2023, highlighting the country's resilience in the face of global uncertainty. We discuss the positive impact of the high-stakes election.

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Earn up to 20,000 USD Rental Return with Sense Levent

Sense Levent is Turkey's most recent residential development. This magnificent structure, designed by renowned architect Saffet Kaya, offers very functional and visually pleasing apartments for sale.

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