Can I Stay in Turkey for Six Months?

You can stay in Turkey for six months but not on a tourist visa. Turkey welcomes all foreigners of various nationalities to come and enjoy the country's delights. From the food to culture, history, traditions and places of natural beauty, many foreigners stay in Turkey for more than six months. Most either rent or buy a property and live here all year round. However, there are restrictions and procedures to follow. First, you must come in on a tourist visa and then apply for a short-term residence visa, and in this article, we will show you how.

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How to Stay in Turkey for Longer than Six Months

1: Passport Validity

You can stay in Turkey for 90 days out of 180 days on a tourist visa. So, to stay for six months, apply for a short-term residence visa in the district where you plan to stay. However, first, check your passport. Foreigners need at least 60 days of validity beyond the scheduled expiry date of the visa. So, on this occasion, you are applying for a six-month visa, hence need 240 days left on your passport. The following nationalities are exempt from this rule according to the "European Agreement on Regulations governing the Movement of Persons between the Member States of the Council of Europe" Germany, Belgium, France, Georgia, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, İtaly, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal and Greece.

2: Proof of Where You Will Stay in Turkey

Submit one of the following with your application

  • If you own property, a copy of your title deeds. You can also apply for longer permits, based on the condition of being an owner of immovable property.
  • If you will rent property, a copy of your contract
  • If you are staying in a hotel, confirmation of bookings
  • If you are staying with friends, notarise confirmation from them and their spouses.

3: Financial Support

You must prove that you can financially support yourself during the six months stay. This needs to be either 1.5 x the Turkish minimum wage, or if it is an income like a pension, the proof must be apostilled, translated and notarised.

4: Other Requirements for Short-Term Residence in Turkey

  • Passport photocopies for the application. You will need to present the original at your appointment.
  • Four biometric photos were taken within the last six months against a white background
  • You also need to have health insurance if you are under 65. Most private policies are accepted.

Note: If you plan to travel around Turkey for those six months, you may be asked to show your travel plans and confirm all hotel bookings. Likewise, if you are coming in to attend a Turkish language course, you may be asked to show confirmation from the school.

Note: Please check beforehand because, as of the time of publishing, residency applications in 1169 provinces were halted due to the density of foreigners.

5: Make the Turkish Residency Application

Head to the E-Ikamet Goc Turkish government website, and fill in the application form. You will then be asked to make payment to the tax office and take proof of this payment to your appointment at the local Migration office. Once your residency application is approved, you will receive the permit via the PTT Post Office. Please note that you must make this appointment because failure to show up will result in the instant cancellation of your application. The procedures may differ from region to region, so bear this in mind. The costs depend on your situation, and you will be instructed at the time of your online application.

6: Can I Work in Turkey on a Short-Term Residence?

No, under no circumstances should you undertake any work because if found out, this can result in instant cancellation of your visa, deportation, a fine and a ban on re-entering Turkey.

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