39 Tips for avoiding Culture Shock when travelling

Even with the best intentions it's easy to go very wrong when faced with cultural differences, even in Turkey. In a world where many of us travel frequently, most savvy travellers expect to encounter certain differences. For example, it's widely known that while greeting someone with a kiss is normal in France, the same friendly gesture would be met with horror and offence in Japan. But even the smartest and most cultured traveller can't possibly be prepared for the sheer number of esoteric rules it's possible to break while visiting countries around the world.

As well as brushing up on social etiquette to keep on the good side of your new friends, you might need to prepare yourself for some shocks of your own: being told you've put on weight, while offensive at home, is perfectly acceptable in some destinations.

Our handy infographic lets you in on some of the world's most obscure, interesting and downright weird social rules. Read on and discover how to win friends and influence people - or at least, avoid offending them - in The Congo, Poland or Greece.

39 Great tips for avoiding culture shock when travelling infographic


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