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Featured in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, this article was placed in their Business Reporter section and showcases why investors should look towards Turkey rather than the UK for property investment. The article was published on the 2nd September 2012 and was written by Cameron Deggin – Property Turkey Director.

Titled, ‘Go Cold Turkey On UK Property’ the article discusses the reasons why many investors are looking towards Turkey as a property investment hotspot rather than the United Kingdom. 

Featuring many statistics and case studies, the article is a good insight into both the UK and Turkish real estate market with predictions for future movements and changes. 

Home or Away?

The article featured a price comparison using current market figures. Deggin argues that if two people bought a home valued at £300,000 – one in the UK and one in Turkey, then after a 5 year period, the person who bought the property in Turkey, stands to gain over £30,000 more in rental gains than the person who purchased the property in the UK.  

Using current market research and future predictions by economists and experts, Deggin shows that using the same two properties, by the end of a five year growth period, the property in Turkey would be valued at more than £400,000 while the property in the UK would be valued at less than £350,000.

Overall, the article showcases just why Turkey has become such a popular destination for real estate investment with relevant facts and figures and an interesting showcase of the two countries.

To read the article in full on the Business Reporter, please click here.


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