Termal hot springs

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Termal is a stunning area situated in the hills on the outskirts of Yalova, and is most famously renowned for its hot springs. 

Yalova Thermal Hot Springs resort is an enterprise that is backed by the Ministry of health in Turkey and was first established by Ataturk who had a vision to make the place a water city of the future. The healing properties of the hot water are known to be particularly good to aid healing and for those suffering with rheumatic, skin, kidney and digestive disorders to name just a few. The healing hot water is also wonderful for those convalescing and has been analysed and approved by the University of Istanbul.

Yalova Thermal Hot SpringsLocated just 12km from Yalova city centre, the first baths were built about 1600 years ago by the Byzantium Emperor Constantinus. The future Emperors of Byzantium continued to build new facilities however when the Ottomans conquered Yalova, Termal was not recognised as the capital, Bursa had its own hot springs. 

Sultan Abdulmecid reconstructed Termal and after his mother made a miraculous recovery from rheumatism, Termal once again attracted attention and the Sultan built new roads, villas and baths. During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid 11 the fame of Termal became even more pronounced. Not only did the Sultan restore all of the historical buildings but he also developed the area and had the hot spring water analysed. It was not long before Termal was known worldwide as the health and entertainment area.

Foreign investors were hired to run and manage Termal for a while, however due to the Balkan War, World War 1 and the Turkish War of Independence Termal became completely desolated and neglected. This was all to change though with the arrival of Ataturk in 1919. Under his close supervision Termal was reconstructed and revitalised into the heath centre and water city it is today.

The resort offers an open air swimming pool which is 22m long and is filled with the healing Thermal hot spring water, at a temperature of 38C. It is continuously purified and cleaned. There is also the Kursunlu Fin Bath which was built by the Emperor of Byzantium, 17 centuries ago. The bath was restored in the 1900, as it had been completely concealed by debris and dirt. There are 26 private baths for families in Sultan Bath. These are marble bathtubs and basins and are available to hire for 1 hour periods at a time. The Valide Bath built by the Byzantium Emperor Constantine 1600 years ago, and was last restored by Sultan Abdulmecit and then named after his mother. This historical bath with its distinctive architectural structure has special divisions for men and women. There are also 10 sunken marble bathtubs that known as the Apposite.

Yalova Thermal Hot SpringsAs well as the various water treatments and places to bathe and swim there are also manual therapies that are available and the prices for entrance and treatments are very reasonable. 

Yalova Termal Hot Springs is a first class historical and archaeological site of outstanding natural beauty. Termal is easily accessible from Yalova with the local transport running frequently throughout the day or alternatively there are many guided tours that can be booked.

Termal is a must for any visitor as it not only makes a great day out but this is plenty to do when you are there. 

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