Take a water taxi to Bardakci Cove

Updated: 01 January 1970 Created: 01 November 2013
Bardakci CoveThe nearest bay to Bodrum Town Centre, Bardakci Cove is a lovely and small cove with a sandy beach nestled away in the region in a private and exclusive spot – a hidden gem in the region – what more could you ask for?

Anyone in the know will tell you that Bardakci Cove is one of the favourite spot in the entire region such is the beauty afforded at this location. With perfect clear waters and beautiful views out to Bodrum Castle and city centre, the cove is the perfect location to spend a day relaxing on the sandy beach with the world at your feet. 

Boasting a plethora of marine life, this stunning part of the Turkish coastline is also an ideal spot for you to go snorkelling and immerse yourself amongst the colourful fish that inhabit the area. The water is very clean and calm, making it ideal for swimming in with ease. 

Also known as Salmakis, the cove also has mythical story attached to it, which further makes it a draw for tourists and travellers to Turkey. The legend goes that the son of Hermes and Afrodite, Hermaphroditus fell in love with Nymph Salmakis – however after discovering that she doesn’t love him back, he prays to God asking for them to be placed into a body as one together. Eventually his wish is granted and that is where the story of the hermaphrodite comes from. 

Bardakci CoveA short water taxi ride from Bodrum will take you to the cove in a matter of minutes; the taxi ride should cost you no more than 10 Turkish Lira from Bodrum centre. You can also take a short ride on a Dolmus to the cove and bay area – it is only about 500 metres away from Bodrum so is very accessible. 

There are a few hotels dotted around the area for those who wish to make a weekend of it – which would be understandable – the area is simple divine. 

If you love nothing more than setting down at the beach and watching the world go by in an exotic location then a visit to Bardakci Cove is a certainty to be on your list when visiting Bodrum. Perfect for families and quiet enough to really get to enjoy the surroundings and activities nearby, the cove is fast becoming more popular as more tourists awaken to this natural beauty spot – so don’t miss your chance and visit today. 

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