About Rabbit Island in Turkey

Updated: 21 January 2014 Created: 30 October 2013
Rabbit Island GumuslukSeparating the two beaches of Gumusluk is this gorgeous Rabbit Island, named accordingly because you can find wild rabbits habituating the island – a charming location and easy to get to as well. 

Named after the rabbits which call the island home, there is nowhere near as many rabbits on the island as there was before, however it is still possible to spot some if you have a keen eye for detail and a little patience. 

Built during the Hellenistic period, Rabbit Island was historically a favourite place for the King of Halicarnassus Mousolos and his loved one Artemisya. Mousolous had a causeway built to provide easy access to the island so that they could go and feed the rabbits on the island while watching over the stunning sunset and enjoying the beautiful views. 

Today, the causeway has slightly sunken, although the island can still be easily walked to as the water is only around knee length in depth, making the island extremely accessible for anyone who doesn’t mind a short paddle through the cool waters surrounding it. 

If you climb to the top of the island, you can enjoy particularly stunning views and take pictures of the idyllic surroundings. Some tourists will even dive from the top of the rock formations into the clear blue Gumusluk waters. You can also enjoy swimming with some ancient ruins of Myndos that are located close to the island. 

Rabbit Island GumuslukThe island is almost perfectly located in Gumusluk. On one side you have lovely beaches and the Bay, while on the other side you will see the harbour. 

Today the island is still an archaeological site, meaning that some of the island is not accessible to visitors and tourists. However don’t let this deter you from visiting the island – it is well worth taking a day trip and exploring what is possible on the island and surrounding areas. 

You can walk to the island, so there really is no excuse to get up and go explore Rabbit Island, just make sure that you have your camera at the ready for any potential rabbit sightings. 

Summing up Rabbit Island, we would say that it is known as a unique spot, with archaeological ruins and beauty spots galore – a well known attraction that those who live in Turkey and those who visit Bodrum can’t help but adore every time. 

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