Camel Beach - Kargi Bay

Updated: 30 October 2013 Created: 30 October 2013
Camel BeachOne of the nicest beach areas you will find in Bodrum, the Camel Beach and Kargi Bay area is a favourite hotspot amongst tourists and those living in Bodrum alike – a perfect getaway for the day with the whole family.

With daily boat trips arriving into the area from Turgutreis and docking at the beach, it is also possible to drive to Camel Beach using side roads and a bit of local knowledge – although the drive can be a little tricky, making this one of the quieter beaches in Bodrum. The beach is found between Ortakent and Yahsi and is approximately around 14km from Bodrum. We recommend taking one of the daily boat trips and enjoying a family day out without the risk of getting lost whilst driving – at least not until you know the region extremely well. 

As soon as you land at the beach you will be taken aback by the lovely views and charming surroundings. As the name suggests, Camel Beach is also home to several – Camels. Enjoy splendid Camel rides up and down the beach with the friendly animals that make the beach their home and are extremely comfortable around tourists and travellers. 

If you just want to enjoy the beach itself, perhaps go for a spot of swimming, that is no problem either, the section of the beach used for the Camel rides is usually kept separate from the general sunbathing area – ensuring you get to choose from the best of both worlds. There is also a few restaurants and cafes dotted along the beachfront for tourists and those in the area to enjoy. Why not make a weekend of your trip and stay at one of the hotels in the area to really get the best out of Camel Beach and Kargi Bay. 

Camel BeachAfter spending the day relaxing by the beach, taking a few Camel rides, and sunbathing in the scorching sunshine, head towards the Lighthouse at the end of Kargi Bay and enjoy some water sports, and great pastimes to complete your day out at Camel Beach. 

If sandy beaches are your thing, if you love the sunshine and love picturesque nature views, a trip to Camel Beach will be just what you are looking for while in Bodrum. Whether you live here already, or enjoy holidays to Bodrum, Camel Beach is an adventure that you can enjoy time after time again, and who knows, maybe one day you can take the driving challenge for yourself. 

With the quiet settings you won’t normally find on a beach, Camel Beach is a favourite for Bodrum locals and expats who have purchased real estate in Bodrum – a perfect quiet getaway without the hustle and bustle that you would normally find at the beach. What more could you ask for?

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