The sandy Konyaalti Beach

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Konyaalti beach Antalya

Located in the heart of Antalya City, Konyaalti Beach attracts Turks and international tourists who like beach holidays with excitement. In addition, Konyaalti apartments are ideal for permanent living, summer homes, or rental investments for anyone wanting to buy property in Antalya. The name Konyaalti translates into the bay under the cliffs, an apt reflection of surrounding geographical landscapes. Hundreds of years ago, the area was a simple, small village belonging to the ancient Lycian empire. These days, the beautiful district is one of the most prominent in the Antalya region and along the Mediterranean for many good reasons.

About Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

Backed by the dark Bey Mountains, which stretch out towards the west, Konyaalti commands travel fame and admiration as one of Turkey's best beaches. Although the beach is famous for summer crowds, especially on weekends, it is long enough to accommodate hundreds of sunbathers and swimmers. Konyaalti is popular with locals, but also tourists staying in nearby hotels. The long shingle beach is rough underfoot, but the water is incredibly blue. We recommend taking cheap flip-flops to navigate the stony shore.

There are lots to do along this stretch of beach, including water sports, like banana boat rides, parasailing and jet skiing. The marine animal park and waterpark attract families at the western end of the beach. And, of course, there are endless places for dining, drinking, and snacking, with some superb bars, cafes and Turkish restaurants clustered around the beach. Try Antalya Beach Park's upmarket food court, which opens into the evening and serves tasty snacks and cold drinks.

Konyaalti Setur Marina

With a mooring capacity of 198 yachts, the Konyaalti Setur marina, at the end of the main beach, cements Antalya's excellence in sailing. Sailing on Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts is a big business hence the Turkish riviera and blue cruise routes. Konyaalti marina is an ideal point for yachts to dock in, with its various services, including a tennis court, hospital, hotel, pharmacy, swimming pool and restaurants. Sitting just 10 kilometres from Antalya city centre, Setur marina provides the perfect overnight base for a weekend exploring the Konyaalti beach district.

Tunektepe Cable Car

Running from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Monday, the Tunektepe cable car is a perfect way to view Konyaalti beach and surrounding districts from a bird's eye view. Twenty-four cabins transport up to 1200 people every hour who enjoy coastline views from up above. You can also make a day out of it because small restaurants serve refreshments and food at the top. Taking just 9 minutes, either way, cheap ticket prices make this ideal for families.

From Konyaalti to Antalya City Centre

When Konyaalti's charms wear off, head into town, around 15 minutes away, to see the highlight known as the Kaleici old town district. Portraying ancient mosques and old Ottoman-style houses, the area is most famed for Hadrian's gate that marks the entrance. Kaleici harbour is a great place to grab refreshments and soak up Mediterranean seaside vibes. The city centre is also the best shopping and nightlife hub in southern Turkey, from big brand name shopping malls to small restaurants serving international food. Other things to do in the city centre include the Antalya Museum and Antalya aquarium. Of course, if you get bored of Konyaalti beach, Lara beach, on the other side of the main town, and famed for large, all-inclusive hotels, and the annual sand festival is another alternative. (More about what to do in Antalya city centre.)

Property for Sale in Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach garners attraction for investment potential. Antalya's population swelled over the past decade, with young professionals travelling to this economic hub to find work. Investors also buy apartments in the sought-after Konyaalti area to rent out. As a result, the annual income from Konyaalti rental properties is around 5%, making Antalya City a great alternative to the pricey Istanbul.

Antalya's Konyaalti apartments feature high-rise blocks with excellent facilities such as gyms, pools, 24-hour security, kid's playgrounds, and all modern cons like balconies to encompass Mediterranean lifestyles. Prices rise by around 10% annually, thanks to increasing demand and lack of space for new complexes because of mountains and sea landscapes. See apartments and villas for sale in the Konyaalti area of Antalya. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, and contact details to find out more or arrange viewings.

More About Antalya in Turkey

Area Guide and Information: Konyaalti is a famed area of Antalya, yet the region offers much more and would take weeks to explore. This article looks at different things to do and other highlighted areas like Belek, Turkey's golfing capital, and Side, a quaint town built around historical ruins. So, after you have finished enjoying the delights of Konyaalti beach, explore the rest of Antalya.

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