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Izmir villas for sale

Located on the Aegean coast, Izmir is known as the ‘Pearl of the Aegean’ and is the third largest city in Turkey with a population of four million. One of the oldest cities, Izmir was once known as Smyrna and has a history stretching back more than 8,500 years, it is regarded as one of the most attractive regions to live permanently with family and children in Turkey, boasting a favourable climate, 300 days of sunshine every year, lots of things to see and do, and a colourful heritage left behind by at least 32 civilisations that have called Izmir home in the past.

A coastline stretching 629km provides a year round favourable climate that draws more and more people to Izmir each year. A magnificent history, stunning turquoise blue sea, golden sandy beaches, warm friendly people, and delicious cuisine are just some of the reasons people are purchasing villas in Izmir.

The history of Izmir

Home to the Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and even the Ottomans to name a few of the cultures that have shaped Izmir, the city has a history like no other in Turkey with architecture and real estate reflecting features that date back into the rich culture of Izmir, fusing old with new to create spectacular contemporary designs borrowing on authentic features to remain in touch with the past of Izmir.

Izmir today

Today Izmir is one of the most economically rich cities in Turkey, experiencing a significant period of growth and industrialisation since the 1950s. Strong automotive, textile, and food processing sectors contribute more than 9.7% of the entire labour force in Turkey, producing 13.5% of Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product per year – in this period, Izmir has grown faster than any other city in Turkey except for Istanbul.

What is the population of Izmir? 

A dynamic city, almost half of the population of Izmir are under the age of 30, meaning that the city is full of life and vibrant at all times. A forward-thinking city, there are tens of thousands of university students, business leaders, academics, artists, scientists, and every other industry you can think of, all contributing to make Izmir one of the most economically prosperous and socially interesting cities in Turkey.

Why buy a villa in Izmir?

As the third largest city in Turkey, Izmir is ripe for investment and there is no better choice for buyers than a luxury villa. Property Turkey offers a wide range of villas and detached houses for sale in Izmir that cater for lifestyle buyers and investors alike in search of an amazing climate and modern lifestyle. All our listings have high rental potential, suitability for use as a family home, and are constructed using the very best materials and modern techniques.

Rental potential is extremely favourable. With swelling tourist numbers year on year, Izmir villa owners are experiencing a steady stream of rentals each summer. Rental yields here are around 4-7%, depending on your Izmir villa proximity to the sea, whether it’s a new build or older style property, and extras like private pools and gardens.

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