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Straight Talk , Testimonials

"Istanbul is My New Home” | Matt Young

In this new testimonial episode, we interview Matt Young, our American client. Matt Young is a seasoned expat and a strategic Real Estate Investor with a global portfolio, which now includes Turkey.

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Straight Talk , Investment

Turkish real estate a SAFER BET against Expected Global Housing SLUMP

We talk about what's happening with the global housing slump and why Turkey's way of dealing with it is an unorthodox policy as it is a safer bet for home buyers and Turkish real estate investors.

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Straight Talk , Taxes

Property Taxes and Expenses in Turkey

Paying taxes in Turkey. In this new episode we shed light on the property tax laws that foreign property owners are legally obliged to pay while generating income on homes that they own in Turkey.

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Straight Talk

Turkish Real Estate Buying Trends

What are the current Turkish real estate buying trends? In this new episode, we look into the Real Estate Market, and breakdown the trends and patterns that really matter for Turkish Investors.

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Straight Talk

Turkey: The Best of Both Worlds

The term Blue Zones refers to geographic areas in which people have low rates of chronic disease and live longer than anywhere else. In this episode, we talk about how Istanbul is one of these areas.

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