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Yuruyen Kosk

There are only a few major attractions in Yalova that are a must see for tourists and the Yuruyen Kosk is definitely one. This Ottoman-Turkish style mansion was said to have been used by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, during his visits to the city. There is a legend connected to this mansion and it is often referred to as the “walking house.” The mansion has earned the name because as legend goes Ataturk thought that the mansion was too near to a spectacular tree, and as he did not want to obscure or cut down the tree he ordered the mansion to walk. 
Yuruyen Kosk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk first visited Yalova in 1927. He had specifically chosen this as his destination as he wanted to make use of the local thermal facilities. Whilst he was staying in this area he stayed in Baltaci Farm which was a wooden pavilion next to the thermal bath. 

Ataturk commissioned the construction of a mansion for himself in Millet Farm and this was finally completed in 1929. The originally house made from wood was renovated later. The two-story building has three lounges and eleven rooms and is well equipped with furniture that has been taken from the Dolmabahce Palace.
Ataturk spent the summer months in this mansion and invited many notable singers and musicians to perform concerts and classical music recitals, and it was here that idea to establish the Turkish Historical Society and the Turkish Language Association was developed.
Yuruyen Kosk

The Yuruyen Kosk, Yalova Ataturk Mansion, was originally the private property of Ataturk, but was transferred to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Once they had order for the renovation works to take place they made the house into a museum by adorning the walls and rooms with pictures and personal belongings of Ataturk. This historical house museum opened to the public in 1981. 

The words beautiful, eccentric, tranquil, thought provoking all sum up the Yuruyen Kosk perfectly. For those looking to understand this exceptional and truly great man, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, plus the story of the trees and why the house did actually move, and to get a close up of all of the contemporary articles that are housed within this is a must-see if you visit Yalova or the surrounding area. 

There are several affordable accommodation options in this area and also many other attractions that should be visited in this vicinity. Open your eyes and become educated on the history of this great country with a visit to the Yuruyen Kosk.
Last Updated: 01 January 1970

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