Sudusen Waterfall

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The magnificent sight that is Sudusen Waterfall is situated to the south of the Uvezpinar village in the Yalova province of Turkey. There are three predominate important waterfalls in this province, the Sudusen Waterfall, Catdere Waterfall and Erikli Waterfall. This uniquely stunning waterfall is approximately 8 km from Uvezpinar village. 

The Sudusen Waterfalls are visited by 1,000s every year and the route that leads to the waterfall is a perfect track for trekking and this is a popular pastime by many of those visiting this area. There are spectacular views along the track including views of a dam lake, the sea and stunning surroundings. There are also a multitude of photo opportunities along the route as well as some beautiful nature walks and picnic areas. 
Sudusen Waterfalls

This spectacular waterfall is often referred to as heaven where the wonder of nature is flowing. The waterfall is located in between a cave and is a most breathtaking sight that will leave you speechless.  

There are many ways that you can enjoy the Sudusen Waterfall and these include either joining a trekking party or taking a guided tour / day trip. For those wishing to visit independently this is not difficult as there are many forms of local transport and the waterfall is relatively easy to locate by following one of the labelled paths. There are many restaurants along the trail and also areas where you can sit and enjoy a picnic at the bottom of the waterfall.
Sudusen Waterfalls Yalova

The Sudusen Waterfall provides a major contribution to the tourist numbers to the area and it is a must see for those staying in or around this area. Sudusen Waterfalls is one of the natural beauty spots that are a must to be seen in Yalova. When you arrive at the waterfall apart from getting your camera out make sure that you take in the unique dam, the magnificent panoramic view of the Marmara Sea, various flora, and taking photos is a must as this is a beauty that no description will ever do justice.  

When visiting the waterfall make sure that you have plenty to drink with you as there is a shortage of facilities close to the waterfall and it is the perfect spot to settle and enjoy a picnic. With the gorgeous surroundings children can amuse themselves running in and round the woods and also paddling at the edge of the bottom of the waterfall, just be prepared for the water to be cool! Be sure to also pack your sunscreen as though most of the time you will be in the shade remember that you can still get burnt whilst in the shade, it is also worth ensuring in the hotter months (May – Sept) that you avoid visiting this outdoor spectacular during the hours of 12 – 3pm.

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