Uncover one of the regions best kept secrets at Pedasa

Updated: 01 January 1970 Created: 01 November 2013
Pedasa Antique CityOnce a great ancient Lelegian city, Pedasa is located in Konacik and is a favourite spot for tourists to go walking with a tour guide uncovering the secrets once held in this antique city.

Historians are in agreement that Pedasa was once one of the most important cities in the area for sea trade. The city is full of several vineyards, some which remain to this day, and are well worth a look at on your travels throughout Bodrum – the wine from Pedasa was highly revered and valued in ancient times.

According to legend, Pedasa inhabitants were quite the tough cluster to break. Known for putting up a fierce resistance against being conquered by both the Persians and Alexander The Great, the people of Pedasa were the only ones who managed to stop the Persians by fortifying Kaplan Mountain and stopping an attack after the fall of the Lydian capital Sardis in 546 B.C. 

Located close to Mt. Gokceler, the city was flourishing most between 11th and sixth centuries B.C. 

In 1050, the city was re-founded as Konacik Village after 3 famous shepherds came from Horasan in Golbasi to settle in the area. You can still find a few shepherds grazing their animals in the area till this day, however for most part, not much of the antique Pedasa has remained except for the inner castle and some structural remains that can be seen from the surface of the surrounding areas. 

We highly recommend a visit to the inner castle area – for most part, it is in fairly good condition and is located on a high rock with great views and lots of history and significance to the region. 

Pedasa Antique CityIn 2005, a project was proposed for new excavations to begin on the site in the hopes of uncovering more of the city and protecting Leleg artefacts. Just last year new jewellery and historical relics were found on the site in a royal tomb dating back more than 3,000 years. 

Today, Konacik is a commercial suburb with continued development and businesses found along the main road. Located on the road connecting Bodrum to other regional hubs, it has become somewhat of an ideal area to invest in due to the proximity to Bodrum and is steadily expanding and growing on a yearly basis. 

So if you enjoy history, and have a keen interest in the ancient world, a trip to Pedasa will be the perfect way to spend a day in Bodrum – walk at your own leisurely pace, soaking in the history of the Lelegs. 

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