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Myndos GateBuilt during the reign of Mausolos, Myndos Gate plays a significant role in the history of Bodrum – playing scene to one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Alexander The Great – a fact that makes the area one of the most popular destinations for those close by who are intrigued by the historical aspect of Myndos. 

After liberating many cities from Persian domination at the time. Alexander The Great was met with huge resistance at Halicarnassus. In a fierce and fiery battle, much of the city was burned down and hundreds of people from both sides perished. After successfully capturing Myndos, Alexander left 2,500 soldiers and appointed Queen Ada to guard the fortress.

Originally, historians believe that Myndos Gate was the entrance to a 7km long fortress first constructed in the 4th century B.C. They believe that there were 2 entrances in total, and that there was 3 towers at the gate known as ‘Tripollion’. 

Recently, the gate has been restored and is now revered as one of the most significant historical landmarks in Bodrum with regular visits from tourists and those in and around Bodrum to witness the historical site. 

In front of the gate, you can still see the remains of a moat in which many soldiers in the army of Alexander The Great drowned in 334 B.C. Evacuation work has also been carried out in recent times in the hope to find more remains underneath the rubble in the area. 

Myndos GateThe gate is located on the west side of Bodrum, close to Turgutreis Caddesi – it is easily accessible via a car or using public transport systems. Entrance to the gate is free; you will not be expected to pay any fee.

Some of the remains of the ancient city of Myndos can be seen from Gumusluk and the adjacent waters. In fact, it is thought that an earthquake caused some of the remains to be submerged under the water, resulting in the surrounding area of Myndos being protected by government from development. In its heyday, the city was a colossus surrounded by huge walls, featuring a harbour, and much more.

For anyone who enjoys history and wants to get up close and personal with some of the greatest historical landmarks in Turkey, Myndos Gate would be well appreciated and high on anyone’s list when visiting Bodrum – a perfect way to spend a relaxing day taking in the culture and history of Bodrum. 

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