Kara Ada, the ideal space for yachting

Updated: 01 January 1970 Created: 31 October 2013
Kara AdaTranslated from Turkish as the Black Island, Kara Ada is a small island found in the Bay of Bodrum along the Aegean coast and has been growing in stature in recent times as a popular tourist destination, particularly amongst the yachting and boating community in Turkey – a perfect stopover while sailing some of the best sailing routes in Europe. 

Known to Greeks as Arkos, the island has a complicated and significant history – once owned by the Knights of St. John Hospitaller in the Middle Ages, it was then conquered by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and then held by Italy from 1919 until 1932 when the convention signed between Italy and Turkey gave the island back to Turkey. 

Getting to the island is relatively easy, a day trip on a Gulet from Bodrum is highly recommended. The island itself is found around 6km away from Bodrum and is the largest island off the Bodrum coast, so is a must see for any keen sailor or water lover. It is covered in pine and green natural surroundings, perhaps the opposite to the name given to the island. 

The island has come to be famous for its several healing mineral springs that are loved by many a tourist and local alike. Once landing on the island, your first port of call will be to grab a drink or snack from some of the restaurants close by. You can then head to the famous mineral springs. You will have to pay a small fee to gain access to the springs. The water at the springs comes out of a cave and legend has it that the mud in the cave was used by Cleopatra in order to preserve her beauty and combat skin diseases. 

There is a cave facing Bodrum located within, and is a popular point of interest for yachts and Gulets to explore and discover the endless amounts of coves and beaches – all almost untouched and offering perfect natural settings. 

Kara AdaThe island boasts spectacular views back to Bodrum and over the Aegean Sea – well worth the visit alone. 

Anyone fancying a longer stay on the island can enjoy an overnight stay at a small motel if the day trip isn’t enough time to really enjoy all there is to offer at Kara Ada. 

A short trip one and a half kilometres to the east will see you hit Poyraz Port, while a separate 1.5 kilometre trip to the north will see you land at Yassi Island – both are also visited during day trips from Bodrum. 

If you’re looking to emulate an Egyptian Queen, looking to enjoy some great views over Bodrum – then a trip to Kara Ada is highly recommended. 

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