Duden Falls: a natural beauty spot

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Duden waterfalls

Duden waterfalls and surrounding areas in the Antalya region of Turkey command admiration for their beauty and reflection of Mother Nature. The Duden River source flows from the Taurus mountains into the Mediterranean Sea, creating two cascades along the way known as the Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls. Both are popular tourist attractions, and although better seen in Spring when the flow is at its greatest, visitors can travel to them all year round. Upper Duden falls are on Antalya’s northern side, whereas the lower that falls into the Mediterranean Sea is in the south. To see the latter at the best angle, join daily boat trips with fantastic sea views. Meanwhile, upper Duden falls sit inland, 14 kilometres from the city centre.

About Duden Waterfalls in Antalya - Turkey

The Upper Duden Waterfall sits in a beautiful valley at 15 metres high and 20 metres wide. As visitors enter the park, the air temperature changes thanks to the falls that also boost surrounding plants and flowers. Cross over the Duden River Bridge and descend to see the waterfall in all its glory. Relax by the water, admire the falls, or explore further. There are well-maintained boardwalks to stroll along, and picnic tables on the grass by the river make the perfect lunchtime setting.

A man-made cave up a short flight of steps walking through the darkness until you reach a point directly behind the waterfall is worth seeking out. Here, windows carved out of the rock give landscape views from another angle. At the entrance to the park, several vendors also sell food, souvenirs, and even camel rides. After seeing the upper falls, the Lower Duden Falls are scarcely less impressive and cascade 35 metres into the Mediterranean Sea. You can also view the Lower Falls from the cliff’s edge behind fences at Genclik Park. Planes landing at Antalya airport fly directly over the falls, and the engine’s thunderous roar and the waterfall’s roar impress everyone. Genclik Parki gardens are also lovely for evening strolls before returning to your property in Antalya.

Other Waterfalls in Antalya

Manavgat: This popular daytime excursion opens all year round, and although not as tall as its counterparts, the stunning setting among tea gardens is a welcoming refresher in summer. Many travel agencies sell tickets to Manavgat, visit the local market, and sometimes complete a boat tour.

Kursunlu: Sitting in Antalya’s Aksu district, Kursunlu national park is home to one main waterfall, several smaller ones, and surrounding ponds. Tour operators often combine his waterfall with visits to Termessos ancient city, just one of many stunning historical ruins in Antalya.

Ucansu Waterfall: Sitting in Antalya’s Gundogmus district near Kayabuku village, this is another waterfall that begins its journey in the domineering Taurus mountains, specifically melting snow from Geyuik and Akdag mountains. Many people head here during summer because the air temperature drops dramatically making it a cool place to relax.

Goynuk Waterfall: Sitting near the canyon of the same name in Antalya’s Kemer district, the waterfall and park are famous for outdoor activities. Many safari tours head through the park, and a company sets up paintballing activities for groups.

More Things to do in Antalya

Antalya City Centre: We love waterfalls, but there is also something special about the Antalya city centre. As well as being the shopping and nightlife centre of Mediterranean Turkey, it is home to the old town of Kaleici, two of Turkey’s best beaches, a fantastic museum, and an aquarium.

 Must-See Attractions in Antalya: So, after visiting Duden waterfalls, if you want to continue the theme of tourist attractions, put these places on your list. All make for a fantastic day out for families or solo travellers and put Antalya on the map as a top tourist destination in Turkey.

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