Duden Falls: a natural beauty spot

Updated: 09 November 2013 Created: 08 November 2013
Duden FallsThese lovely waterfalls and the area surrounding them are an ideal spot for a day trip. The Duden River source is high in the Taurus mountains, and the flow winds its way down to the Mediterranean, creating two cascades along the way known as the Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls.

The upper falls are on the northern side of Antalya, the lower is on the south where the Duden River cascades into the sea. This latter waterfall is best seen from the sea and you’ll find it fairly easy to organise a boat trip to do so.

To get to the Upper Duden Falls you’ll need to either beg, borrow or steal a car or take a taxi or dolmus for the 14 kilometre trip. 

The Upper Duden Waterfall is 15 metres high and 20 metres wide and set in an extremely pretty valley. The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the park is the change in air temperature, and the gorgeous plants in the national park. You’ll cross a bridge over the Duden River and descend towards the water, where the waterfall will become visible. As you descend you’ll feel the air temperature lower as you get closer to the water.

From here you can either relax by the water and admire the falls, or explore a little further. There are well-maintained boardwalks to stroll along, and when you’re ready for lunch there are plenty of picnic tables scattered around on the grass by the river.

There’s a man made cave up a short flight of steps that you can explore, walking through the darkness until you reach a point directly behind the waterfall. Here there are “windows” carved out of the rock, where you can view the landscape from another angle.

Duden FallsAt the entrance to the park there are a number of food stalls, souvenir stalls and even camel rides available.

Entrance to the park is 2.50 TL for adults and 1.50 TL for children over six. 

The Lower Duden Falls are scarcely less impressive. As mentioned above, you can take a boat tour, either by day or at night when the waterfall is well lit and striking against the cliff. The falls cascade 35 metres into the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also view the Lower Falls from the cliff’s edge (from behind a fenced area) at Genclik Parki. The falls are directly in the flight path of the jets landing at Antalya Airport, and the thunderous roar of the engines combined with the steady roar of the waterfall is often impressive. Genclik Parki’s gardens also make a very nice place for a stroll before heading back to your property in Antalya.

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