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Straight Talk , Istanbul , Testimonials

Fadi El Khatib becomes a Turkish Citizen

Fadi El Khatib, nicknamed the Lebanese Tiger, says that he likes to spend time in Turkey. The basketball player purchased in Istanbul with Property Turkey to become a Turkish citizen by investment.

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Straight Talk , Investment , Istanbul

Urban Regeneration zones in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city undergoing urban regeneration. In this episode, we talked about urban regeneration zones in Istanbul, Turkey. Why are those areas important for investors and tips for buying?

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Straight Talk , Investment , Istanbul , Property prices

How much does an apartment cost in Istanbul?

In this episode, we talked about about some of the most frequently asked questions by people when looking to buy property in Turkey, including: how much does an apartment in Istanbul cost?

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Straight Talk , Economy , Investment , Istanbul , Property prices

How will Turkish real estate look post Coronavirus?

In this episode of Straight Talk, we looked into how Turkey has managed and is currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and the effects on the Turkish real estate market going forward.

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Bodrum , Sea view

Full Bodrum panoramic sea view property for sale

Detached bungalow style villa for sale in Konacik area of Bodrum, located just five minutes away from the nearest shopping centre and on the market as completely furnished ready to move in.

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