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Straight Talk , Turkish Lira

What is happening to the Turkish Lira in 2021?

The Turkish Lira has gained almost 20% against the US Dollar in recent months. In this video, we take a look at Turkish Lira exchange rates and what is currently happening to the Lira against USD.

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Straight Talk , Finance

How to get finance for your property in Turkey?

Can foreigners obtain a mortgage in Turkey? In this new Straight Talk video, we have a look at options available for foreigners looking to obtain finance for their purchase of real estate in Turkey.

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Investment , Istanbul , Urban Regeneration

Central Istanbul Affordable Luxury Projects - Kagithane

We have a look at some of the best current investment opportunities available in central Istanbul. In this episode, we look specifically at Kagithane and present top 4 options for buyers to consider.

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Straight Talk , Finance , Taxes

Can you use Bitcoin to buy property in Turkey?

Can you use Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies to buy properties in Turkey? And if you do, what taxes would you have to pay? We answer all your questions in this new video from Straight Talk.

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Straight Talk , Finance

How to transfer money to Turkey? Ways to send money to Turkey

Clients often have to send money to Turkey in order to purchase a property in Turkey. In this episode, we have a look at different ways that you can send money to Turkey from your home country.

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