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Aladdin's Turkey

TURKEY in a Nutshell: Everything you need to know!

Come with us on a journey through the fascinating and interesting history of Turkey with this new and informative video providing you with EVERYTHING that you need to know about Turkey today.

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Minute Talks , Urban Regeneration

ID Cards for Buildings in Turkey

In a new development, buildings in Turkey will have ID cards so that anyone can learn about building materials, earthquake resistance, unit number, and size. How will this help Urban Regeneration?

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Straight Talk , Istanbul

Istanbul: European vs Asian side for investment & lifestyle

Clients ask us about European side vs Asian side when it comes to buying properties in Istanbul. In this video, we have a look at both sides and talk about the advantages of buying in both sides.

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Investment , Istanbul , Urban Regeneration

Fikirtepe urban regeneration zone in Central Istanbul

A top area for urban regeneration and those wanting to invest in Istanbul, Fikirtepe is located on the Anatolian side of the city and in this video we discuss why investors should be buying here.

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Aladdin's Turkey , Istanbul , Luxury homes

Inside a $14,000,000 Mansion by the Bosphorus

Looking out across the Bosphorus Sea with a 180-degree view, this is one of the best mansions you will find within the entire city of Istanbul. Want to take a look inside? Join us on this video tour.

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