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Healthcare , Minute Talks

Healthcare in Turkey - how much does it cost?

A Minute Talks video taking a look at the healthcare system in Turkey, including healthcare options for expats and those who buy properties in Turkey. How much does healthcare cost in Turkey?

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Minute Talks , Taxes

Property Taxes and Real Estate Expenses in Turkey

What taxes do you have to pay when buying a property in Turkey? In this short Minute Talks video, we have a look at all taxes to pay and expenses when buying or selling real estate in Turkey.

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Citizenship by Investment , Minute Talks

How to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 7 steps

A quick 7 step guide to obtaining Turkish Citizenship through means of real estate investment. For more information, please call or contact us to speak with our specialist agents who are here to help.

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Straight Talk , Design & Build

Buying land and building your own home in Turkey

We take a look at the benefits of buying a plot of land in Turkey and building your own home from scratch. At Property Turkey, we have expert experience in helping our clients build their dream home.

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Aladdin's Turkey , Cost of Living , Istanbul

What is the cost of living in Istanbul?

We take a look at how much it costs to live in Istanbul? Including what you might pay to rent an apartment in the city centre, how much you might spend on food, and other costs of life in Turkey.

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