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Straight Talk , Istanbul , Sea view

Are Bosphorus properties worth the money?

Bosphorus properties are some of the most commanding and luxurious homes that you will find in Turkey. In this episode of Straight Talk, we take a look at whether Bosphorus homes are worth it.

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Minute Talks , Property prices

How cheap is property in Turkey?

People often assume that buying a property in Turkey means buying a property at a cheaper cost than European counterparts. How true is this? We have a look at how cheap Turkish property is.

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Aladdin's Turkey

The best HOLLYWOOD movies filmed in ISTANBUL

Did you know that Hollywood has filmed several movies in Istanbul? In this video we take a look at the best films based in Istanbul or filmed in Istanbul to be released as major blockbuster movies.

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Aladdin's Turkey , Istanbul

9 things you should NOT do in Istanbul, Turkey

This light-hearted video takes a look at visiting Istanbul and the nine things that you should NOT do in order to make your trip to Istanbul as relaxed as possible. Subscribe for more video content.

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Straight Talk , Investment , Istanbul

How to pick a great investment in Istanbul

We take a close look at how to make a killing with your investment in the Istanbul real estate market, including how to maximise your potential returns and make money when you come to sell.

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