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Aladdin's Turkey

Religion in Turkey explained | Tips for Foreigners, non-Muslims

Turkey is a hugely diverse country, ranging from culture to food to music to religion. In this video, we look at religion in Turkey and provide tips for foreigners and non-Muslims moving to Turkey.

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Straight Talk , Buying Online

How to buy property in Turkey online

More than 20% of our total sales at Property Turkey are completed online. In this video, we take a look at the process of buying real estate online and provide advice to anyone thinking about buying.

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Straight Talk

Why is it more important than ever to invest in real assets?

Cameron Deggin talks about inflation that the world is experiencing and people's buying orientation and trends. Cameron gives his honest opinion and answers questions sent from our audience.

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Straight Talk , Istanbul

How to find the Hidden Gems of Istanbul real estate

Taking a look at the hidden gems of Istanbul, we share our thoughts about the most ideal segments for investment in real estate and provide a glance of Property Turkey's portfolio department.

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Aladdin's Turkey

Turkish Coffee and Fortune Telling

Come with us and talk about something that goes together like two peas in a pod, Turkish coffee and fortune telling, also known as ‘Fal’. Discover more about Turkish coffee in this interesting video.

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