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Straight Talk , Turkish Lira

TURKISH LIRA depreciates AGAIN! What does this mean?

How do you make money in an economy where the currency is depreciating? In this video, we tackle the depreciation of Turkish Lira against hard currencies such as USD and what investors can do.

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Straight Talk , Istanbul

A shift in the real estate buying trend in Turkey after covid?

At Property Turkey we have been noticing a trend shift with many buyers now seeking more green space, more garden areas, and more privacy at home when they purchase real estate due to Covid.

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Aladdin's Turkey

20 facts about Turkey that you probably didn’t know

With a long and rich history where civilisations and empires, countless ethnicities and religions, all left their marks, Turkey is a country that never ceases to charm. Here are 20 facts about Turkey.

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Straight Talk

Is Crypto Banned in Turkey?

We debunk the myth that cryptocurrency is currently banned in Turkey and discuss how buyers can purchase a property with their cryptocurrency investments at Property Turkey.

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Straight Talk , Investment

Investment tips for first time foreign buyers

Which areas should you invest in the Turkish real estate market? In this episode, we break down Istanbul for the audience for buyers to acquaint themselves with the best and worst investment areas.

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