Why investing in Valley of Life could be the smartest move you make

Istanbul's property investor landscape is changing.

While Turkey's largest city is still a magnet for overseas investors, especially those from the Middle East, a growing domestic demand is changing the way buyers look at Istanbul property. 

Turkey's young professionals are coming of age. The new generation of 20- and 30-something Turks are following the trend of the West: putting off children until they have a career and capital under their belt. Now, they're ready to buy, and fuelling a healthy domestic demand. With 95 percent of all real estate transactions in Turkey completed by Turks, investors should "think Turkish" when it's time to invest.

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A perfect exit strategy

While Istanbul's lucrative property gains have huge appeal to investors, as savvy buyers know, a property investment is only as good as its exit strategy: there's little use in capital gains if you can't reap the benefits at the right time. 

"Istanbul's property market is large and complicated," says Property Turkey director Cameron Deggin. 

Deggin sees a lot of investors who are attracted by a practiced sales pitch and the glamour of a new development. However, the reality isn't as straightforward. 

"There is a wide selection of property investments to choose from, but not all are created equal. Unfortunately not every development, even luxury projects with all the bells and whistles, are going to net that all-important capital gain."

For that, you have to get the right area, and target the right market. 

"These days, we tell investors looking at short or mid-term investments to 'think Turkish'," Deggin says. Istanbul's strong domestic demand is critical to foreign investors, and a huge proportion of domestic buyers are families. Investing in a family-friendly project in the right area ensures that when the time comes to sell, you'll have no shortage of Turkish buyers ready to invest in their own home, Deggin says.

Vira Istanbul

"For an assured exit strategy, you can't go past Vira," Deggin says, adding that the family-oriented development is one of Property Turkey's top investment options in Istanbul. Let's take a look at what makes Vira unique - and why the modern development is one that every investor should consider.

Vira Istanbul

The Valley of life

Vira Istanbul is located in Beylikduzu, a well-planned suburb on the Sea of Marama. With easy access to the city centre, and plenty of green spaces, this Istanbul suburb has become popular with families, and students, thanks to its university. 

Vira's location is made more appealing as it's beside Yasam Vadisi, or The Valley of Life, the huge park and recreational ground that was spearheaded by current Istanbul mayor Ekrem İmamoglu, once Beylikduzu's mayor.

The concept behind Yasam Vadisi is creating a mosaic of landscapes stitching diverse habitats and communities together within the Kavakli Valley. Ravaged by years of neglect, the valley at the centre of Beylikduzu is now becoming transformed by the project.  

Yasam Vadisi is criss-crossed with cycling paths, and planted with trees for shade. Stormwater is harvested to keep the space green. As well as transforming the environment, the green spaces of Yasam Vadisi benefit the local residents, who can now cycle, walk and jog through the green interconnected spaces instead of taking their car or staying at home.

The ideal family location

Scientists have been telling us for a while now that being in nature has benefits. Anger, fear and stress are reduced when in the proximity of nature, and feelings of contentment and happiness increase. Research done in hospitals, schools and offices shows that even a pot plant can have a positive effect. The desire to be in nature is particularly strong amongst city dwellers, and especially families. So with Yasam Vadisi as its backyard, it's not surprising that Vira Istanbul is one of the most popular projects in the city for people with children.

Valley of life location Istanbul

Why buy a Vira Istanbul property?

There are plenty of other reasons investors should consider investing in this project:

  • An assured exit strategy: young families make up the largest cohort of Istanbul's domestic demand. Investors who buy now can sell to Turkish families looking for a home.
  • A three-year rental guarantee: a steady, guaranteed rental income stream to complement your eventual capital gain makes Vira Istanbul ownership a pain-free process.
  • Spacious properties: on average, rooms in this project are a fifth bigger than the Beylikduzu average.
  • Close to everything: Two minutes to the nearest Metro spot, and three minutes to the coast and marina.
  • Top facilities: 39 shops on site, as well as swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, a playground and more.

"Vira really embodies the 'think Turkish' message we're trying to get through to investors," Deggin says. "It's a great development, in an area that is being developed for long-term sustainability. It's always going to be desired by professional families, which means our investors are assured of a timely exit."

For more information, email [email protected].

Vira Istanbul


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