Villa Sandyma: A contemporary home in ancient Bodrum

Yalikavak BodrumPerched above the marina town of Yalikavak, this cutting-edge villa with its commanding sea views is a bridge between Turkey’s old and new. Built in a wild, walled garden under the Aegean sun, Sandyma Villa stands watch over the marina and the distant islands, a constant fixture in a fast-moving world.

How ancient Sandyma became a world-class yachting centre
This part of the peninsula was once known as Sandyma, a bustling centre of trade and commerce. The dazzling sea was filled with traditional wooden gulets of all shapes and sizes, docking at the shore to unload their wares or leaving the port for far-off shores with holds laden with precious metals and colourful fabrics.

Modern-day Yalikavak’s shoreline is rather different. While there are still plenty of sailing vessels (this part of the peninsula is a favourite stop off for leisure boaters), you’re more likely to spot a megayacht rather than a rickety gulet; a tycoon rather than a trader. A multi-million dollar investment into Yalikavak Marina has seen the birth of Palmarina Bodrum, one of the finest marinas anywhere in the country. This development has had a striking effect on visitor numbers, with wealthy sailors travelling from all over the globe to take advantage of Palmarina’s world-class facilities. (Of course, it also helps that this part of the country is home to one of Turkey’s most beautiful sailing routes). Development has also had a positive effect on property prices, with values rising steadily from the day the marina development was announced.

Sandyma Villa: cutting edge design, unparalleled comfort
Villa Sandyma with PalmarinaSandyma Villa is a landmark in terms of contemporary property. Every inch has been designed with human comfort and aesthetic pleasure in mind. The property was designed by Property Turkey’s own architects, a group of professionals who not only know their design, but who also know and love the peninsula.

Built as three adjoining cubes, Sandyma Villa has been designed in a way that best maximises the light and space of this beautiful sea-spacing spot. In each and every corner of the house you’re met with dazzling sunlight and panoramic sea views.

Sandyma’s most incredible feature was inspired by this seascape. The living space, built in a two-storey, 7.5 metre atrium, has floor-to-ceiling glass panes and is perfectly positioned to enjoy Yalikavak’s best feature: the drowsy, golden afternoon sunlight and the sensational sunsets. While this spectacle looks simple: sunlight, sea and sky; the truth is more scientific. Our architects measured the intensity of the sun as it travelled across the sky, calculating the angle at which the sunlight hits the space most favourably, and then designed the living space around this point. But you don’t need to worry about that – just enjoy the view. 

Living room and pool viewTo complete the feeling of indoor-outdoor cohesion, we’ve worked in another special feature: a sliding panel turns this indoor space into an outdoor terrace, joining the living area to the pool deck. Amazing modern design from a seriously talented group of architects.

The living area’s 50m2 of space is ideal for getting some serious rest and relaxation. A sunken living area provides a cosy niche for curling up with a book, dozing on the sofa or just gazing out the window. The gentle back-and-forth movements of fish in the large aquarium, set into the wall to the side of the living area, quiet the mind and compose the senses. This is another seemingly simple touch with science behind it: studies show that gentle movements on the visual periphery have a calming ability.

Sandyma’s kitchen is also a work of art, with modern fittings and cool, stylish marble tops. An island provides extra workspace (or somewhere to lean with a glass of wine) and an American bar is the ideal spot for casual meals. The bar separates the kitchen from a more formal dining terrace, perfect for entertaining large groups.

Sandyma bedroom with sea viewEach of Sandyma’s bedrooms enjoy stunning views over the Aegean Sea and access to outdoor space – either via large sea-facing balconies or access to the front terrace – and two of the bedrooms have Jacuzzi bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Three bedrooms are located upstairs, while one is located on the ground floor.

Outside to the pool deck. Here, a 12x8 metre pool is surrounded by high quality teak decking and travertine paving. The pool also has a sunset infinity feature – an L-shaped section running parallel to the sea, complete with stools, and the ideal place to enjoy a sundowner. There’s also a pergola-style shade and a BBQ area towards the side of the pool.

Beneath the pool is an additional living space of 60m2. This can be turned into a caretaker’s home, or maybe a space for guests who’d like a little privacy. Or even a group of teenagers who like to do their own thing – the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the elevation, this apartment also enjoys the spectacular sea views that are found elsewhere on the property.

Exploring Bodrum
The compact Bodrum peninsula is dotted with quaint fishing villages, hidden coves, volcanic landscapes, ancient windmills and rocky shores. A short drive or dolmus ride from Yalikavak opens up a wealth of possibilities: follow up an exploration of Bodrum’s ancient castle with some window shopping on the promenade; walk around a windswept headland and indulge yourself at one of Gumusluk’s fine seafood restaurants; lounge by the water at one of fashionable Turkbuku’s beach bars (while keeping a surreptitious eye out for Turkish film stars); hit one of Bodrum’s biggest clubs or just spend an afternoon on the beach.
However, those loyal to Yalikavak wouldn’t dream of living elsewhere. This gorgeous town, surrounded by hills and fronted by the Aegean, has been beloved since ancient times by Turks and travellers alike.

Palmarina BodrumWandering through modern-day Yalikavak it’s hard to imagine the ancient town which once stood here. The new state-of-the-art marina, the string of boutique stores, luxurious mansions for sale, the fine restaurants and the prosperous visitors: Bodrum has well and truly entered the 21st century. However, the Yalikavak of yesterday is still found in the town’s winding streets and the old fashioned coffee houses; the produce markets and the handmade crafts. And the town’s most spectacular feature, the sunsets that bring tourists from near and far, are the same today as they were thousands of years ago. Some things never change, while others evolve for the better. Yalikavak combines old and new world Aegean in a way that will stay with you forever.


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