New Izmit Gulf Bridge to double property prices in Bursa and Mudanya

Osmangazi Bridge

A new bridge spanning the Marmara Sea has opened up Istanbul to the wider area - and offers investment opportunities to local and foreign buyers.

Osmangazi Bridge - the world’s fourth largest suspension bridge - takes drivers over the Gulf of Izmir in just four minutes - a journey that previously took more than an hour. It’s part of the new six-lane Istanbul to Izmir Highway Project, one of many private mega projects and investments aiming to propel Turkey into new heights of prosperity.

Driving to Bursa from Turkey’s largest city now takes around an hour - and it’s thought 40,000 vehicles a day will travel over the three-kilometre, six-lane bridge.

This is a major development that will inevitably have a major impact on real estate sales and prices for property for sale in Bursa and specifically, Mudanya.

The nearest towns to the bridge have naturally increased in value the most, with Yalova seeing a 190 percent rise in property values since bridge construction began. Investors are now seeking similar locations where property prices still have some room to move - and are zeroing in on Bursa, particularly Mudanya.

Osmangazi Bridge

Why Mudanya?

The centuries-old port is famous for its part in modern Turkish history: 

In 1922 the armistice was signed here, heralding a new republican Turkey. Mudanya’s historical importance is reflected in its cultural sites, with museums like the Armistice House Museum and Monument attracting local and foreign tourists curious about Turkish and Ottoman history.

Witness the birth of a coastal town: 

The pretty seaside town with its sheltered harbour is largely undiscovered by investors, but this is set to change with the completion of the bridge, which will attract city commuters looking for property away from the city centre.

It has fast connections:

As well as the bridge, there is an existing passenger and car ferry service that now connects Mudanya to Beylikduzu, allowing residents to travel to Istanbul’s European side. For many travellers and commuters, the prospect of travelling to the Bursa region without making the trek into central Istanbul will also be enticing.

Mountains and sea: 

The surrounding area is simply spectacular. Explore the long rocky coastline or take leisurely country drives into the mountains. During the winter you can even ski - the Uludag Ski Resort is one of the area’s highlights.

Low priced property: 

Mudanya homes are still reasonably priced, but we expect to see some serious growth in the area, especially seaside properties in Mudanya, which will be extremely attractive to new buyers in the area.

Mudanya Bursa

Why Bursa?

It’s an established city: 

With a population nudging two million, Bursa is Turkey’s fourth largest city and a prosperous centre - but as yet largely overlooked by investors. With easier access from Istanbul interest in Bursa is growing.

It’s a cultural and historical hub: 

Bursa was once the capital of the Ottoman State, referred to as Hudavendigar, or “God’s gift”. Nowadays, it’s known as Yesil Bursa, meaning “Green Bursa”, referring to its many parks and beautiful gardens. All over the city you’ll find incredible museums, beautiful mosques, bustling bazaars and historical sites galore: including the mausoleums of the early Ottoman sultans that can be found here.

There’s so much to do - right on your doorstep: 

Towering over the city is Mount Uludag, with its increasingly popular ski field. Bursa’s also well known for its thermal baths, where residents have soaked away aches and pains for centuries. Nowadays many of these have been turned into luxurious spas, offering all kinds of health and beauty treatments. Day trips to the nearby historic towns of Iznik, Zeytinbagi and of course, Mudanya are also popular activities.

Bursa real estate prices are set to rise: 

Property for sale in Bursa is attracting renewed interest from investors looking for a chance to break into the Istanbul market - without paying Istanbul prices. With fast travel into the central city suddenly attainable, prices in this beautiful city can only head north.

Bursa, Turkey

Our projects in Bursa and Mudanya

We have a number of properties for sale in Bursa and Mudanya. These developments are ideal for investors seeking a reasonably priced entry into the Istanbul market in areas set to rise in value. Our projects are popular with commuters looking for property outside the central

city and will net investors extremely favourable capital gains over the long-term, as well as rental of around 5-6%.

Luxury towers in central location in Bursa

With generous payment plans whereby you can purchase your home with a down payment of only 35% needed followed by extended and generous terms, this project is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a central area of Bursa just minutes away from amenities. All white goods are included for those who buy here, and there are a complete range of social and communal facilities for residents to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, including large swimming pool and fitness centre. No VAT to pay - making this an exceptional investment all things considered. Apartments range from one - four bedrooms within this project, giving you a wide range of homes to choose from. 

Brand new apartments close to centre

Only 15 minutes away from the centre of Bursa are these brand new apartments listed at a bargain price for those looking to invest today. Located in Mudanya and close to local facilities such as schools and amenities, the project is ideal for those who are relocating with family and features a wonderful view out towards the sea and beyond. You can choose from apartments ranging from two - four bedrooms in size, at affordable prices with extended payment terms available - this is a great option that will enjoy large price appreciation now that the bridge has been completed. For more information on investing here, please contact us to speak with one of our Bursa team members. 

Forest and sea view apartments in Mudanya

Look at the quality of these apartments in relation to the price - this is an incredible option for those looking to buy before prices really start to rise in Mudanya in the near future. This project is only 15 minutes by car away from the centre of Bursa and all expected amenities, and features excellent on-site facilities including a large communal pool, landscaped gardens, walking track, and playground for children. You can choose from one bedroom apartments up to huge five bedroom duplex homes for the whole family - there is a real family friendly vibe here. The project is nearing completion and would be ideal for those looking to live year round in developing Mudanya. 

Bargain priced sea view investment in Mudanya

Located in an elevated position in Mudanya are these spectacular apartments set to be completed in 2017 - meaning there is time to still invest at entry level prices before increases upon completion. Located just 20 minutes away from the centre of Bursa, these apartments will forever enjoy a panoramic ocean view and are equipped with all sorts of facilities including: swimming pool, gym, gardens, children's areas, sauna, and more. You can choose between one and two bedroom apartments, making these ideal for investment with properties available today with only a 50% down payment needed followed by remaining balance to be paid upon completion. This is a hot investment not to be missed. 


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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