Luxury is Paramount in Bodrum

The Bodrum peninsula has made a name for itself as Turkey’s prime luxury accommodation, with the hand of opulence touching everything from Bodrum villas to the exclusive resort hotels lining the waterfront.

So it comes as no surprise that the peninsula was selected to be home to Paramount’s first-ever hotel, The Bodrum, formerly Jumeirah Palace. The world renowned film production company’s luxury resort opened over the weekend, with a dazzle of stars in attendance, including Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman at The Bodrum opening

It’s Paramount’s first foray into tourism, but the century-old company is confident their cinematic and entertainment concept will get people talking - and attract some star clientele. According to Alessandro Redaelli, the general manager of Paramount Hotels & Resorts, their unique selling concepts are cinema technology, Hollywood connection, and California style.

Luxury setting - at a luxury price

The hotel is located in the beautiful Zeytinlikahve Cove, ten minutes from the heart of Bodrum Town, and 20 minutes from Bodrum Airport.

The resort has 135 rooms, including suites, villas and a six-bedroom palace, all with sea-facing views. There are eight family pools and 49 private pools for the villas. The 110,000 square metre resort has a large range of water sports, leisure activities and luxury hammams.

Redaelli predicts that around 40 percent of the hotel’s guests will be domestic tourists, while the rest will hail from Gulf countries, Russia, and Europe.

Unsurprisingly, all this luxury comes with a price tag to match: rooms start at 250 euros and finish at around 45,000 euros a night.

“A terrific destination”

Redaelli pointed out that despite the recent turmoil which has impacted on the tourist sector, the group believes the tourists will return.

"Turkey is a terrific destination. It contains everything: Sea, sand, nature, culture and history. It is a 360-degree destination. In the last five years, Turkey has carried out a brilliant promotion strategy. Terrorism is now a global problem and it would be unfair to reconcile it with Turkey. We trust Turkey," he said.

And Bodrum, Turkey’s Saint Tropez, is one of the country’s leading destinations, Redaelli believes.

"We found more than we were looking for when we came to Bodrum. Bodrum is a place that offers unique nature and unique tastes. Whatever the significance of Saint-Trope for France is, Bodrum is that for Turkey."

Big-brand Bodrum

Paramount is just the latest global name to set up shop on the peninsula, following big brands like Mandarin Oriental, Aman and Kempinski. What is it about Bodrum that’s so appealing to these global brands?

“Bodrum is without doubt the most up-market holiday resort of Turkey,” says Property Turkey director Cameron Deggin. “It's an international brand with unparalleled natural beauty - you can find some of the best bays and coves in the entire Med and Aegean on the peninsula.”

Class act: the big brands moving into Bodrum 

Part of the appeal is that the peninsula is no longer just a summer holiday spot - it’s a year-round destination.

“Bodrum appeals to just about everyone,” Deggin says. “We are seeing demand for luxury accommodation increase every year.”

It follows that with the rise in luxury resorts comes an increased demand for top-of-the-line holiday homes.

“Bodrum has always been the second-home destination of choice for wealthy Turks,” Deggin says. “But it’s only in the past decade we’ve seen the luxury factor really step up. Build quality, design, and attention to detail is second to none in Bodrum.”

There are a number of luxury villas in Turkey's favourite holiday destination. Frontline to sea, or with sweeping sea views, these luxury homes - many also bearing big-brand names, like Richard Meier Bodrum homes and Banyan Tree hotel concept villas - represent homes fit for a Hollywood A-lister. 


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