Istanbul Nightlife not for the faint hearted

Turkey’s Istanbul is not for the fainthearted, especially at night. There are so many stimulating sights to be had during the day but the night brings unique Discover Istanbul nightlifeofferings that only Istanbul’s nightlife could pull off. Istanbul is literally where the east meets the west with half of the city known as the European side and the other as the Asian/Oriental side. Istanbul is also a melting pot, dripping in history and culture but also sharing its up and coming new era modernism with all who visit.

If you think Istanbul is amazing during the day with all its architecture, history, and Bosphorus property, then you will be enchanted with this amazing city’s seductive nightlife. There are many areas to experience the best of Istanbul’s nightlife. There are so many unique offerings for night outings that it is sure to appeal to any patron whether looking to experience an invigorating, energetic time or a relaxing, low key atmosphere. From the city’s vivacious clubs to the more mellow pubs, Istanbul is a treasure trove of nightlife that any night owl can appreciate.

Many of Istanbul’s locals often start their night out at a small local pub with great food, known as meyhanes.  They eat amazing local foods while listening to often traditional Turkish music as they slowly wind up for the night ahead.  You should absolutely follow their lead and most locals will be happy to point you in the right direction for the best meyhanes in your immediate area.  After that, you can either call it a night or take it up several more notches.

Istanbul has many active clubs to attend with often live music and powerful lights these clubs are a definite “must do,” for any guest looking to dive into the club scene.

One of the best clubs in Istanbul is Club 360 which a central part of the 360 Istanbul development.  360 Istanbul is a mixture of different offerings like a restaurant, bar, club, etc. integrated into one establishment. The best time to visit this club is on the weekends when the club really animates. You will want to 360 Club Istanbularrive a little earlier than midnight to secure your place in line, because entrance into the club is not guaranteed. Also, as with most clubs, there is a cover charge. Don’t be put off by the wait or cover as they are a worthy investment into the bash waiting for you inside. Club360 is one of Istanbul’s prominent nightclubs, hosting some of the freshest DJ names and live performances offered anywhere.  Club360 can be found on Istiklal Street located in the Beyoglu district. Istiklal Street is one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul. This elegant street is spread out with classy boutiques, art galleries, theatres, libraries, cafes, pubs, nightclubs and chic restaurants. The neighbourhood is surrounded by an assortment of historical and political buildings, making this a prime piece of real estate and excellent area to visit.

For a truly outstanding venue visit Reina on the Bosporus near Besiktas and on the way to stylish Bebek immediately after the first bridge connecting Reina Istanbul NightClubEurope to Asia - a great adventure from your hotel in Istanbul.  Reina is one of Istanbul's top venues for great food, superb views, excellent music and all-night-long partying. It is an exceptional venue, where you can arrive by foot, by taxi, by car and by boat.  Yes indeed, you can moor your yacht right at the dock of Reina and step straight onto the dance floor.  

Reina attracts visitors from all over the world, not just Turkey.  People fly long distances to attend one night of clubbing and 'being seen' at Reina. Service is generally very good, the lounge area is cool and relaxing and the dance floor is certainly happening. Some of Turkey's top DJ's often perform here as well as some of the music industries very well known labels. A night at Reina is not cheap, however.  Be prepared to pay New York and London prices for food and entrance. If you dine at Reina's restaurant, entrance to the bar and club is free.     

If you’re looking for a new electric club scene, try Indigo. Indigo is home to Istanbul’s electro scene. If you’re planning on frequenting Indigo be prepared to dance all night. With some of the present big-name international and local DJ’s spinning electro, techno, house and disco they are sure to get you out on the dance floor. The club is teeming with patrons during the weekend but don’t worry about Indigo Club Istanbulbeing claustrophobic because it is a very large open area. Indigo is located right in the middle of the Beyoglu district which is part of Istanbul’s club scene section. The Beyoglu district is located on the European side of Istanbul. Beyoglu is also surrounded by other prominent neighbourhoods but is known as the foremost leader in art, entertainment and nightlife.

Anyone who enjoys a night out with friends or family having some drinks in an amazing setting, or a person who just enjoys a pleasant night cap in a social atmosphere should absolutely visit these two sensational Istanbul bars. The first bar to frequent is Baykus (the night owl), which is located on the European side of Istanbul. This bar serves up amazing food and drinks and if you find the earlier night scene a bit flat for your liking, you just hang around until 11pm when things really start to pick up with live music and dancing. The name Baykus actually translates to Owl and this is a perfect bar for any night owl to pay a visit to. The bar is located in the historic Galata quarter inside the district of Beyoglu.Nisantasi Sisli Istanbul

The next bar to visit is the Biber Bar. This bar offers a suitable tapas menu and sushi bar. Biber Bar presents a stylish and tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Sit down and enjoy the food, order a few drinks and enjoy the settling music by the bar’s resident DJ, Suat Atesdagi. The surroundings and well-stocked bar is the perfect end to a peaceful night. Biber Bar is located in the Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul. This district is especially known not only as one of Istanbul’s smartest districts, but also as the premier shopping street. This neighbourhood is very prestigious, holding many luxury retail shops despite the highest retail rental rates in all of Istanbul.

In Istanbul at night, the only mistake you can make is staying in your hotel or apartment.  In every direction, you will find your perfect sizzle.  But, remember, hangovers are the same the world over.


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