9 Hollywood A-listers who go wild in Turkey

Turkey is a firm celebrity favourite. We show you how to holiday like an A-lister and party like a rockstar.

Tour like a Royal

Turkey is a favourite of Charles, Camilla, Harry, and other members of the Windsor clan who have travelled the country extensively. Charles and Harry visited Istanbul in April before heading to the Gallipoli centennial celebrations. Charles is no stranger to Turkey, having previously toured the country with Camilla Parker-Bowles. The duo toured the ancient city of Ephesus.

Discover how you can follow in Royal footsteps by exploring the ancient city of Ephesus.

Prince Charles in Turkey

Cruise like the Hanks

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks and his wife Rita are often seen in Bodrum. The keen sailors usually prefer to keep it private - cruising the coastline in anonymous luxury. On a recent visit the duo hired the elegant superyacht Phocea, a four-masted vessel that set the pair back $250,000 for the week. The opulently furnished 75-metre yacht sleeps 12 guests in six staterooms, and is manned by 16 crew members.  They then stayed in Bodrum Town for a couple of days.

Book yourself a Bodrum cruise through your hotel or by visiting the harbour. Prices start much lower than $250,000/week.

Phocea yacht

Jump off a mountain like Michael Schumacher

Formula One champion Michael Schumacher wasn’t content with sitting on beautiful Oludeniz Beach when he Fethiye with his family. The seven-time F1 champion paraglided from Babadag Mountain, descending 1700 metres to land on the beach. The German adrenaline junkie was reportedly blown away by the amazing views over the Mediterranean and the mountains.

If you’d like to experience the rush of leaping off the side of a mountain, start at Oludeniz Beach, where there are a number of paragliding operators.

Paragliding in Turkey

Celebrate your birthday like Madonna

Unfortunately we can’t all have rich and famous friends. But if we did, wouldn’t it be cool if they made grand gestures like this one?

When Madonna celebrated her 55th birthday in Bodrum last year, supermodel pal Naomi Campbell tipped her hat to the superstar singer with a laser show that spelled out “Happy birthday, Madonna” on the wall of Bodrum Castle.

Madonna’s other noteworthy Turkish experience was in Istanbul in 2012, when the singer stripped off during an Istanbul concert, exposing her nipple.

If you don’t have time to plan a laser show, you could always just visit Bodrum Castle. The former stronghold of the Rhodes Knights is now home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Madonna in Turkey

Detox like Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a regular visitor to Bodrum, the playground of the rich and famous in Turkey. For Moss, Bodrum is the ideal place to escape the rigors of the fashion world and hit reset. The supermodel detoxes at LifeCo, in Turkbuku, where alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat and dairy are taboo and juice fasting is the order of the day.

Of course, when you’re Kate Moss it’s difficult to sustain this level of angelic behaviour. After Moss’s last visit to LifeCo last month she left the detox centre and headed straight to a number of bars, before catching an EasyJet flight, where she called the pilot a few choice names and was met by police at London’s Luton Airport.

Discover what keeps Kate Moss - and most of Hollywood - returning to Bodrum.

Kate Moss Bodrum Turkey

Get down and dirty like Dustin Hoffman

Dalyan’s famous mud baths have attracted health nuts, sensation-seekers and the curious for hundreds of years. The story goes that anyone who immerses themselves in the mud will come out looking 10 years younger. Maybe it was this rumour that attracted Dustin Hoffman, who visited the mud baths with his family. The venerable Hollywood actor does look somewhat younger than his 77 years, perhaps there is some youth-giving substance to be found in the Dalyan mud.

Hoffman is also a regular in Bodrum, and once threw a big birthday bash at mega club Halikarnas.

Find out more about Dalyan and its quaint charms here.

Dalyan Mud bath

Splash out on luxury like Beyonce

Have you noticed that Bodrum seems to be a recurring theme? This glitzy resort is dripping with A-listers. And it doesn’t get more A-list than Beyonce, who stayed for a week at Rixos in Bodrum with husband Jay Z. Rixos is one of the best hotels on the peninsula, and a hot favourite of stars. The musical duo enjoyed spa treatments at the plush hotel and kept a low profile out and about in nearby Torba and Bodrum Town.

Read our guide to living it up in Bodrum: Luxury living in Bodrum, and explore the global luxury brands moving into the peninsula.

Beyonce and Jay Z Turkey

Diva it up like Mariah Carey

OK, you might not want to try this unless you’ve got a few hit singles to your name. Mariah Carey, who has famously requested baskets of puppies be delivered backstage to amuse her during tours, was the guest of honour at Antalya’s Marden Palace opening. The diva was paid $1.5 million to sing at the event - which was also attended by Richard Gere and Sharon Stone. As well her hefty fee, the singer was gifted a shower of diamonds, including a diamond butterfly ring.

The tempestuous singer was also rumoured to order 30 vases of red roses, six bottles of Chanel No.5, 15 goosedown pillows covered in yellow satin pillowcases and Turkish delight flown in specially from Istanbul.

Mariah Carey Turkey

Live on an island like Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell’s luxury home was a gift from her former boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin. As if this isn’t lavish enough, Campbell now owns the island it’s located on. The luxurious dwelling is an eco-friendly home shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus, and was designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido.

While buying an island seems a little extravagant, there are a number of beautiful luxury homes available on Sovalye Island.  

Naomi Campbell island Turkey


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