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16 of 2,613 Turkish Properties July 24 2014

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Winter Sleep wins in Cannes

Turkish film Winter Sleep picks up top prize at Cannes

Acclaimed Turkish film Winter Sleep is the toast of the nation after scooping the prestigious Palme d’Or award at this year’s Cannes Festival, impressing both critics and judges with its Chekovian tones and breathtaking acting. The movie, coming in at just over three hours, takes into consideration and explores themes of isolation and breakdown - not an easy watch by no means, critics expressed how much they loved the direction and performances by Haluk Bilginer, Melisa Sozen and Demet Akbag. Director, Nuri Bilge Ceylan thanked festival-goers and organisers and dedicated his award to the young people of Turkey who have lost their lives during the last year.
Erdogan and Gul

Recep Tayyip Erdogan to become Turkish President?

With Recep Tayyip Erdogan looking to increase powers of the Turkish President from a ceremonial role to a role whereby the president could exercise executive powers, speculation is growing that in the upcoming elections we could see a swap of positions between Prime Minister Erdogan and current President and AK Party founding member Abdullah Gul. What would be the implications of this? And how exactly could Erdogan go about implementing these transformation of powers? We take a look at the Presidential role of Turkey and what it means today, and what it could mean in the future.
Rise of sales in Turkey

Arab influx bolsters Turkish housing boom

Last year, Arab buyers of property in Turkey snapped up 2,700 properties in the first ten months of the whole year - out of the 21,700 total purchased by foreign buyers, including those from previous top countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and the Netherlands. Following the reciprocity law removal in 2012, Arab buyers have been flocking to Turkey under the new conditions, and this year is no different, with revenue from property sales in Turkey expected to increase further again with analysts predicting $5 billion in sales for the year ahead.

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Yalikavak's astonishing transformation

If you compared the Yalikavak of 15 years ago to the Yalikavak of today, you would be astounded at the level of development that has poured into this once small fishing village over the last decade to move the region swiftly into a world leading luxury investment hotspot. With top class marina facilities, a bustling yachting community, and houses ranging into the high millions now considered the norm in this part of Bodrum, we take a look at the rise and rise of Yalikavak into one of Turkey's premier seaside regions awash with a charming and alluring atmosphere that you are used to seeing today. Yalikavak, this is your life. 
Golf in Belek

The Golfing Boom: Antalya’s Rise to Fame

When you think of golf in Turkey, only one region truly comes to mind - the golfing mecca of Belek in Turkey. With numerous championship quality courses designed by golfing legends such as Coling Montgomerie, and Lee Westwood, Belek is fast becoming a haven for expats and retiree's looking to spend out their days playing golf in the sun on some of the toughest courses you can find in Europe. A typical tourist region with over 300 days of sunshine per year, Belek is recognised by the Turkish tourism board as one of the most popular destinations in the country. Find out why in this blog.
Luxury Bodrum

Luxury Resorts of the Bodrum Peninsula - How to splash out in style?

Known widely as the St. Tropez of Turkey, there are many who believe Bodrum to be the most luxurious of all peninsula's - sitting nicely along the Aegean coast, the cosmopolitan Bodrum has many faces and a personality that cannot be beaten, an alluring atmosphere that attracts both wealthy domestic Turks, and cultured tourists of all nationalities every summer. It would be impossible to try and describe the region in only one word, however, the closest we can think of is simply - beautiful - beautiful in every essence of the word, in this blog we take a look at luxury resorts in Bodrum and give to you our favourite destinations and ones you simply cannot miss if you happen to take a trip to the peninsula any time soon.

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Richard Meier Bodrum Houses

Investing in international property by the London Magazine

Taking us from safe bets around the world including Florida and Spain, to up and coming destinations such as Turkey, South Africa, and Antigua - featured in The London Magazine on April 30th 2014, this international article looks at destinations around the world where British nationals are looking to invest in real estate and property, whether that be a holiday home, a retirement residence, or simply a second home in the sun - see why these 5 destinations are coming up tops for Brits and what it is exactly that is attracting them away from the UK. 


Yalikavak property

Bodrum for a vibrant Turkish lifestyle for Steve and Zahra

Zahra and Steve contacted us in Jan 2014 searching for a holiday home in Turkey. Their exposure to Turkey was so far limited to holidays in Istanbul and Antalya. Having reviewed pros and cons of various different regions of the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, it was apparent that Bodrum area would be the most suitable region considering their overall lifestyle and investment requirements. Open sea view and vibrant year round lifestyle were high up on their wish lists. Firstly we got the family approved for a Turkish mortgage, then came the ground work as they flew out to Bodrum for the very first time. With the help of Darren and his team, they were able to complete the purchase of a beautiful villa with private pool within 4 weeks of reservation.   

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