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16 of 2,613 Turkish Properties April 23 2014

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Erdogan and Gul

Recep Tayyip Erdogan to become Turkish President?

With Recep Tayyip Erdogan looking to increase powers of the Turkish President from a ceremonial role to a role whereby the president could exercise executive powers, speculation is growing that in the upcoming elections we could see a swap of positions between Prime Minister Erdogan and current President and AK Party founding member Abdullah Gul. What would be the implications of this? And how exactly could Erdogan go about implementing these transformation of powers? We take a look at the Presidential role of Turkey and what it means today, and what it could mean in the future.
Rise of sales in Turkey

Arab influx bolsters Turkish housing boom

Last year, Arab buyers of property in Turkey snapped up 2,700 properties in the first ten months of the whole year - out of the 21,700 total purchased by foreign buyers, including those from previous top countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and the Netherlands. Following the reciprocity law removal in 2012, Arab buyers have been flocking to Turkey under the new conditions, and this year is no different, with revenue from property sales in Turkey expected to increase further again with analysts predicting $5 billion in sales for the year ahead.
Turkish Lira rallies up

Turkish Lira rallies into second quarter 2014

We predicted on 28 January 2014 when we said "invest now for maximum discounts and take advantage of falling Turkish Lira before it reverses again before the end of April 2014".   We were spot on. Since the local elections of 30 March, Turkish Lira started rallying up against hard currencies just as we thought it would. Your window of opportunity to secure maximum discounts due to low Turkish currency is disappearing day by day as the Lira moves to reverse its losses and as Turkish government announces new positive economic indicators

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11 weird destinations you’ve never heard of Turkey

Taking a look at Turkey's weird and wonderful, here are 11 travel destinations you might not have heard of, but are definitely more than worth a visit when in Turkey. From the spooky, to the weird, to the wonderful, there are many Turkish gems to gaze upon or experience in this vast nation. With many historic and ancient monuments, there was bound to be some with more than just a back story that attracts the tourists every year. Before you read, write down some of the weird destinations you know in Turkey or have experienced first hand when in Turkey and see if your list matches up with ours - or if we have left anything out! Let us know. 
Istanbul Ranked top city by TripAdvisor

Istanbul beats London and Rome to top of travels

One city, 2 continents, centre of the old Roman Empire, the Byzantine fortress and playground of the Ottoman Sultans at Topkapi Palace for over 5 centuries. Ranked the top tourist destination in the world by the TripAdvisor based on reviews of travellers themselves, ahead of London and Rome.  Yes, you got it, it's Istanbul, where east meets west, where you shop till you drop, where the heartbeat of ancient civilisations stand side by side with the new towering skyline made of steel and glass, all in perfect harmony. It's 'Istanbul we love you' according to over 36 million who visited Turkey in 2013
Beachfront villas

The 7 best beach villas in the world

From gorgeous private retreats on the famous island of Ibiza, to stunning huge houses along the Caribbean Riviera Maya in sunny Mexico, to a peaceful retreat home by the sea in Sovalye Island, Turkey - an island so quiet there are no roads - we bring to you our 7 top beach villas in the entire world. We have searched high and low to ensure that only the best is showcased here, but be warned, one read of this will have you packing for the nearest beach in a heartbeat, in fact, writing this blog on a cool afternoon in Bodrum has us wanting to take the rest of the day off - so we shall see you at the beach! Make sure you bring the wine.

As Featured In

Sailing in Turkey

Mega yachts and dream villas of Turkey by Sunday Times

Featured in The Sunday Times on the 13th April 2014, we take a look at a range of luxurious homes from inland rural villas to coastal seafront properties. Featuring the famous Richard Meier Bodrum Houses recently purchased by a British financier, to the new trend of marinas starting with the world class Palmarina in Yalikavak - Cameron Deggin gives insight into megayachts and sailing along the Turkish coast, with some villas for sale at affordable prices, and some designed specifically to attract VIPs at VIP prices. The high end has officially arrived in Turkey, and is here to stay.


Q Spa project in Antalya, Turkey

Received title deed to apartment in Side Antalya

Recently receiving the title deed (TAPU) to his new home and investment in Side, Antalya - Bader now feels settled in Turkey thanks to the guidance through the purchase process and after sales care given by the Property Turkey team on the ground. Looking forward to spending quality time with his family in their new home, Bader's testimonial is testimony to the professional, diligent, and friendly care provided by our team in Antalya, in particular Tolga who assisted the family throughout their search: "Tolga instantly understood my taste from the first call and provided all the necessary guidance."

New properties in Turkey , April 23 2014